10 May 2018 Monthly meeting

May 2018 monthly meeting will be held at Bayfield High School, Shore Street Dunedin in the technology block from 7.30pm

New members very welcome


2 comments to 10 May 2018 Monthly meeting

  • Sara

    The Dunedin Curtain Bank Charity works very hard to try to keep individuals and families from being cold in winter and therefore healthier.
    We are desperately needing a few experienced volunteers this winter to make wheat bags and door stops from our fabulous resource stock of fabric.
    Would any of your group be able to help with a few hours.
    We would be incredibly grateful.

  • editor

    Hi Sara

    i have sent your request to our members by email. I have given them the email : manager@dunedincurtainbank.org.nz as the contact

    hope you get some replies. i know a couple of members helped you last year

    Cathy Secretary Quilters & Patchworkers of otago

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